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Lailati Oil Attar 12ml by Al Harmain
Lailati Oil Attar 12ml by Al Harmain

SKU:6600000009191 Important Note:Ships Only in UK Size cm: 10x6 Weight: 100.0000 mg Publisher: Al Haramain Perfumes


Product Description

Lailati Oil Attar by Al Harmain


Uncover the mystery!
The passion content of this enigmatic fragrance from Al Haramain not only sets hearts afire, it also ignites celestial envy!
The mysteries of the night are intriguing. And so is its beauty! The enchanting sight of the proud moon smiling down at us with the star-strewn sky as a backdrop is beyond comparison. But tonight, a million stars are shimmering with jealousy & the moon refuses to smile. ‘Lailati’ has taken centre stage.

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