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Red Rose Eau De Perfume (35ml)
Red Rose Eau De Perfume (35ml)

SKU:6281110003370 Size cm: 12x4 Weight: 150.0000 mg Publisher: Al-Rehab Perfumes


Product Description

Red Rose Eau De Perfume (35ml)

SL: 000000

This item is ONLY available for UK residence.

This is everything you wanted a rose perfume to be, but were unable to find until Al Rehab got it just right. This perfume isn't the usual strong, heady type of rose scent, its mellow and light. It's somewhere between garden, damask, and tea rose... just the right balance. It doesn't smell anything like the synthetics people are used to. This is the real deal.
This is definitely an oil to wear if you want to be remembered. People will want to be near you just to inhale your aura. Handle this one with care.
This spray comes in a special bottle that can fit neatly into your handbag and is excellent value for money. This high quality and long lasting spray makes an ideal gift. For external use only

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