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The Book of Cleanliness
The Book of Cleanliness

SKU:9960385108 Pages:96 Size cm: 17x24 Binding: soft cover Weight: 150.0000 mg Author: Muhammad Iqbal Kailani Publisher: Hadith Publications


Product Description

The Book of Cleanliness

concepts regarding the Book of Cleanliness are very important from two
The concept of cleanliness (purity) in Islam when compared to other religions
Some precepts regarding cleanliness and the mischief of denial of Hadith.
shall discuss these two aspects respectively in detail:
The first lesson of Islam is cleanliness or purity. The respectful lotions and the Imams have always commenced their Books of Hadith and a with the problems of cleanliness (purity). Whenever a non-Muslim
lies to embrace Islam, his first act is to have a bath and purify himself and
refuter recite the formula of purity or Testimony. He is then referred to as

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