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2016 LifeBook( Blueberry Blue)
2016 LifeBook( Blueberry Blue)

SKU:9782987463566 Year of Publication:2015 Size cm: 18x25 Binding: hard Lather cover Weight: 575.0000 mg Author: published by sirrat Ltd Publisher: published by sirrat Ltd


Product Description

2016 LifeBook( Blueberry Blue)


The unique Lifebook helps you to reflect on and organise your day Islamically from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep! Great care has been taken to cater for both the spiritual and practical needs of Muslims. Essentially it has been designed to remind by providing concise but thought provoking chapters. The LifeBook also includes weekly Muslim Contributions to Civilisation, in addition to the weekly Hadith. This year we have also incorporated 12 beautiful and inspirational Dua Cards throughout the LifeBook courtesy of DuaCard.com (Sisters Magazine).We hope In Sha ALLAH that the implementation of this Lifebook within your daily routine will help you manage your day in a more rewarding and fulfilling way.

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