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A Course Book in Islam (Vol 1)
A Course Book in Islam (Vol 1)

SKU:9780907770992 Pages:274 Year of Publication:2014 Size cm: 21x30 Weight: 1000.0000 mg Author: Dr. Suhaib Hasan Publisher: al-Quran Society


Product Description

A Course Book in Islam (Vol 1)

This is a new edition of a series of books authored by Dr. Suhaib Hasan that were first published by al-Quran Society in 1978 and were widely circulated amongst madrassas and study circles.
This book is designed to introduce readers to a variety of topics, including stories of Prophets from the Quran, importance of Sunnah, beliefs in angels and Day of Judgement, funeral prayer, traveller's prayer, importance of Jumah, Zakah, funeral regulations and so forth. It is a beautiful and stimulating gift for new Muslims and young people.

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