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 Sirat Khatim an-Nabiyin (Arabic)
 Sirat Khatim an-Nabiyin (Arabic)

SKU:9781872531465 Pages:286 Size cm: 14x20 Cm Binding: Hard Back Weight: 400.0000 mg Author: Syed Abul Hassan Ali AL Nadwi Publisher: UK Islamic Aadamey


Product Description

Sirat Khatim an-Nabiyin (Arabic)

SL: 00000

"A sequel to Stories of the Prophets, this book contains the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBHU), the historical background to the Islamic call, and the conquest and victories associated with it. - What sets this book apart from the many on the market place is its extensive coverage, modern illustrated maps of events, carefully worded questions for each chapter (workbook), which also makes it suitable for classroom use as a textbook. - A combination of a smooth style and rich content will make it undoubtedly a source of inspiration for young readers. - This book is also suitable for classroom use as a textbook."

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