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Adornment Of Women
Adornment Of Women

SKU:9782987457244 Pages:75 Year of Publication:2002 Size cm: 15x22 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 175.0000 mg Author: Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Masnad Publisher: Al Furqan


Product Description

Adornment Of Women

SL: 00000

In the era of weight training, diet centres, cosmetic surgeries, permanent eye make-ups, collagen injections, and other latest wonders of beauty arts, many would find it hard to believe that a fourteen hundred years old religion can possibly provide guidelines regarding such modern inventions. Mohammad Bin Abd Alazeez Almusnad, the author of Adornment of Women in Forensic and Medical Perspective, assures that it does. By quoting the finding of concerned physicians and the verdicts of Muslim scholars regarding the effects the western style of adornment can have on the physical appearance, religion, and psychological well-being of Muslim women, the author invites his readers for a critical evaluation of the contemporary fashions and urges them to consider alternative and more natural ways of beautification, which would agree with the tenets of Islam.

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