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Ramadhaan Fataawa
Ramadhaan Fataawa

SKU:9782987459705 Pages:160 Size cm: 15x22 Weight: 300.0000 mg Author: Salih Al-Fawzan Publisher: Message of Islam Shelf Location:03EL1


Product Description

Ramadhaan Fataawa

SL: 03CL3

Ramadhaan Fataawa

Indeed the bless month of Ramadhaan passes by just once a year. Its virtues are but plentiful, yet how many Muslims today appreciate this? Further, how many Muslims today are aware of the rulings pertaining to their fast during Ramadhaan? This important book is a much needed compilation of fataawa relating to the fast of Ramadhaan and other than it. It comprises 150 rulings passed by scholars of yester-year and those of today.

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