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Ali and Sumaya : Let's read DVD
Ali and Sumaya : Let's read DVD

SKU:0799418481951 Size cm: 30 Weight: 0.2000 mg Author: Imanimation Studios Publisher: Imanimation Studios


Product Description

Ali and Sumaya : Let's read DVD


Little Sumaya feels sad that she doesn't know how to read the holy Qur'an. With the help of Imam Basheer and his amazing tajweed factory, can Ali really help Sumaya to read ? "Let's read" is Ali and Sumaya's second CG animated adventure, teaching children how to read the Holy Qur'an according to the rules of Tajweed. Ali and Sumaya will take you on a journey of discovery, explaining why and how to read in a fun and simple way. With fantastic visuals to help understand Tajweed, kids will be truly inspired to rad the Holy Qur'an insha'ALLAH !

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