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Anaya Woman (Temptation)
Anaya Woman (Temptation)

SKU:9782987465300 Size cm: 6x13 Weight: 150.0000 mg Publisher: Anaya


Product Description

Anaya Woman (Temptation) (Aw4)

30ml EDT Perfume Spray Heart Notes: Hyacinth, Citron Top Notes: Jasmine, Pink Pepper Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber Scent: Floral Oriental Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Aqua, Perfume What is alcohol denat? Denatured alcohol, which is industrial methylated spirit or surgical spirit (contains natural or synthesised ethanol and denaturing agent such as methanol or methylisobutyl ketone). It is regarded as permissible for use. And Allah knows Best

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