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Arabic: If you were a bird (لو كنت طيراً)
Arabic: If you were a bird (لو كنت طيراً)

SKU:33369856124563 Pages:266 Year of Publication:2014 Size cm: 15x22 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 325.0000 mg Author: Dr Salman Al Oadah Publisher: Islam Today


Product Description

Arabic: If you were a bird (لو كنت طيراً)


The first sparks of light character, and the first floor degrees of change, and the extent of revealing to return to the same balance, and bird chirps when they do not bother hunters shot or packed-fly zones, or fear the gallows traditions, customs and prisons, and barbed wire politics.

This sense be borne in front of you and you move between the pages of a book, "If I were a bird," the preacher Dr. Salman Bin Fahd return; so you find yourself in front of a new language, breaks your areas beyond those that people usually Aahdha.

When Ikhatpk writer saying: "Do not suppress your emotions, he estimates of revealing is the outlet for the grief" .. it stands in front of you the idea of this new work; so aware of the reader at first glance it is not in front of the work of critically examines the phenomena of life as it is in front of the experience of belonging to what is known as the "The art of revealing."

The book, which is located at 266 pages is a compendium of Tweets a year ago, has been picked up very carefully, so that carried on the whole character of wisdom or lesson or lesson, a bus of love and tenderness, beauty and hope and future happiness, Mgrdh on the other side about terrorism and unrest, injustice and fear.

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