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Bilal's Day Out to the Botanical Gardens
Bilal's Day Out At The Botanical Gardens

SKU:1902570200 Pages:48 Year of Publication:2000 Size cm: 15x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 115.0000 mg Author: Samia Ahmed Publisher: Message Of Islam Shelf Location:14A


Product Description

Bilal's Day Out to the Botanical Gardens


Bilal's Day Out at the Botanical Gardens By Samia Ahmed Children ages 5-10 years old will enjoy reading this second book in the Bilal’s Day Out Series. Children will read along as Bilal and his cousin Umar experience the thrill and beauty of the Botanical Gardens. This story will show kids the beauty of Allah’s nature and will help them learn to remember Allah in their daily lives. The aim of this book is to teach children how to appreciate the creation of ALAH (SWT) within a story setting. A further aim is to encourage children to memories some selected du’as and use them in their daily remembrances. Contains a number of small du’as and actives for children to experience and learn.

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