Job Title Sales Manager

Reports to Directors

Based at East London
Salary £30k to £35k
Sector Sales
Job Type Permanent
Language English & Urdu (Must speak and read Urdu)
Opening date 1-5-2018
Closing date 31-5-2018


Aims of this job

As a Sales Manager, you'll have overall responsibility for a number of stores in an allocated area. You’ll be responsible for staff and you’ll work closely with the directors and other senior managers and staff.
Development and implementation of sales and marketing plans within the allocated territory, to maintain and increase business share among Muslim and non-Muslim customers. Manage all stores’ operations to develop and train staff which helps to achieve company’s set objectives.

Essential Requirements
 Experience of linking with senior staff to select a correct range of Islamic books and other products in each category to maximise the sales. Emphasising mainly on The Holy Quran, Hadith, Children story books, perfumes and dates.
 Experience in working closely with local Mosques, Madrassas and other charity organizations to promote company’s products especially The Holy Quran, Hadith in different languages to Muslim and non-Muslim customers.
 Experience in preparing the sales team to demonstrate exceptional customer service skills to promote manners in Islam and how to give Islamic advice to customers.
 Experience in organising different events for customers to promote company’s products. Working effectively to plan different busy seasons (Ramadan, Hajj and Eid etc.) to generate revenue for the company.
 Experience in organising talks on different Islamic topics such as (Ramadan, Hajj and Umrah etc, with the help of local mosques and Islamic centres to give better understanding of Islam to local community and to generate traffic in our stores.
 Experience in working closely with senior managers and staff to prepare different marketing plans to promote all ‘’Sunnah Products’’ (honey, dates, blackseed etc.)
 Experience in conducting surveys relating to products and services. Preparing feedback results to present to the directors and other senior managers.
 Experience in effective use of social media to involve customers especially youngsters to buy Islamic products from us.
 Experience in analysing sales figures on monthly, quarterly and on annual basis. Setting up monthly and weekly sales targets for each store.
 Experience in building up a sales team by conducting different training programs which enhances and improve staff performance.
 Experience in keeping up to date with any new Islamic products and businesses.
 Experience in creating different in store promotional activities to liquidate slow selling products.
 Conducts regular store audits in accordance with company’s standards and policies.

Reports directly to the Directors of the company

 A university degree in business studies is preferred; or a minimum of 5 years of re-lated experience or the equivalent combination of formal education and experience.

 Problem-solving and analytical skills to understand sales performance and market trend information. Proven ability to motivate and lead the sales team

 Excellent oral and written communication skills, plus a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite is required. A valid driving license with own car is preferable.