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PS: Back to your essential heavenly being
PS: Back to your essential heavenly being

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SKU:9782952892391 Pages:190 Year of Publication:2019 Size cm: 14x21 Binding: soft cover Weight: 400.0000 mg Author: Myriam Lakhdar-Bounamcha Publisher: Librairie Sana

Product Description

PS: Back to your essential heavenly being


The seven keys of Wisdom "Starting from who you are to become the ideal person you whould like to be
Novel of initiation : The first personal development book based on islamic principles
Myriam Lakhdar-Bounamcha, a mariage counsellor specialised in life coaching, wrote this impactful book of personal and spiritual development. She reminds us of the fundamentals and essentials of a life full of meaning, before going back to your essential heavenly being.
She set for herself an objective to modestly but truly give us timeless keys of wisdom, of personal discipline and spiritual edification which have been forgotten about for too many years.
Without delay, the author captures and subjugates our hearts and our minds through an exciting and touching contemporary story.
In fact, from the first lines of this novel of initiation we enter the wheel of life...
in this sanctuary of lights, this swirling inner journey that makes us dive in the deepest parts of ourselves, makes us start from what we are, to ventually become the ideal we can be.
This is the theme of this initiatory adventure!
Before publishing, the contents of this book have been tested on a group of thirty people around meeting, spread over six months which invited the participants to a personnal and spiritual quest through the study of the chapters of this book. For almost all of them this book has opened new perspectives in their lives.

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