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Children's Qur'aan-Sunnah Book
Children's Qur'aan-Sunnah Book

SKU:9782987463511 Pages:109 Year of Publication:2011 Size cm: 15x22 Weight: 250.0000 mg Author: Muhammad Abul Hussain Khan Publisher: Al-Balagh publishers


Product Description

Children's Qur'aan-Sunnah Book


This book will help children to learn a few verses of the Qur’an and Hadeeth to reflect on in their early life. This will help them to stay on the right path as they mature.According to the prophet ‘s (pbuh) instruction :”I have left behind two things for you .As long as you hold them fast ,you will never be misguided .They are ;the book of Allah (The Quran)and my example (Hadeeth)

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