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Cupping Therapy cups 150 (Mixed)
Cupping Therapy cups 150 (Mixed)

SKU:9782987463382 Size cm: 0x0 Weight: 50.0000 mg Publisher: BCS Supplies Ltd


Product Description

Cupping Therapy cups 150 (Mixed)


150 high quality cupping therapy cups with the option to mix sizes. The cups are durable, light weight, and easy to use .Our cups are ISO9001 quality certified. View your treatment area through the transparent cups and adjust pressure with the pump. The cup smooth and rounded edges are comfortable on the skin and create a tight seal .Easily release pressure by pulling on the yellow pressure valve .Available in 6 different sizes, Each size are clearly engraved on our cups so they can be easily identified

Thick Acrylic

150 Individually wrapped in cellophane

Clear Transparent with yellow valve


6 sizes are available:

B-01 (Outer diameter 6.8cm )
B-02 (Outer diameter 5.8cm )
B-03 (Outer diameter 5.1cm )
B-04 (Outer diameter 4.0cm )
B-05 (Outer diameter 3.2cm )
B-06 (Outer diameter 2.9cm )

Usage/Storage Information
For single use only.
Store in a cool dry place out of direct Sunlight.
Ideal for wet (hijama),dry and massage cupping therapy

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