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Dirham (Eau de Perfume)
Dirham (Eau de Perfume)

SKU:9782987467458 Important Note:Ships Only in UK Size cm: gift box Weight: 400.0000 mg


Product Description

Dirham (Eau de Perfume)

SL: 000000

Fragrance Dirham is a beautiful fragrance for men who profess softer fragrance with long lasting basis. Fresh power of citrus with a hint of lavender is the right choice for the modern man who uses scent every day.

Refreshing citrus notes of bergamot blend with a fragrance of lavender. The strong scent of cardamom is mixed with jasmine and roses romantic. The basis of this unique fragrance consists of, sandalwood and captivating scent of cedar. The fragrance is stored in interesting decorated flacons, which you cannot doubt that hides scent with a touch of the Orient.

Note: These are halal perfumes with (Alcohol Denat) in them. These perfumes have all been imported from the Far East and have a great smell as well as great looks, thus making them perfect presents.

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