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Factors For Rectifying Society
Factors for rectifying society

SKU:9782874540165 Pages:31 Year of Publication:2013 Size cm: 15x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 60.0000 mg Author: Abdul Aziz Bin Baz Publisher: Makkah Publishing Shelf Location:11B


Product Description

Factors for rectifying society


Society is in dire need of reform, both the Islamic and non-Islamic societies, however, specifically the Islamic society. It needs to follow the way of the best creation, our prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah PBUH. We know that the elements which can improve Islamic and non-Islamic society are the ones which were carried out by the companions.

We also know that the prophet PBUH in Makkah first and then in al-Madeenah. Nothing will improve the Ummah’s modern society apart from what improved the first society of this Ummah, as a number of scholars have stated, such as, Imam malik ibn Anas, who was the Imam of al-madeenah in his time and is one of the four imams.

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