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Forty Hadeeth (Al AAjuree)
Forty Hadeeth (Al AAjuree)

SKU:9781450720731 Pages:93 Size cm: 16x23 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 175.0000 mg Author: Al-Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibnul Hussain Al-Aajuree Publisher: Masjid Rahmah Publishing


Product Description

Forty Hadeeth (Al AAjuree)

SL: 00000

Classic Series of 40 hadith collections Forty Hadeeth Al-AAjuree. Compiled and Explained By: Al-Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibnul Hussain Al-Aajuree D.360H

The People during the time of the prophet used to come to him from distant Arab communities and villages. Small groups from every collage and town accepted Islam and learned what obligatory upon them.

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