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Spanish - El Eden De Los Virtuosos (Riyad-us-Saliheen) : 2 Volume Set
Spanish - El Eden De Los Virtuosos (Riyad-us-Saliheen) : 2 Volume Set

SKU: 9960850625 Pages:1098 Size cm: 14x21 Binding: Hard Cover Weight: 1300.0000 mg Author: Abu Zakariah Muhi Ad Din An Nauaui Publisher: IIPH


Product Description

Spanish - El Eden De Los Virtuosos (Riyad-us-Saliheen) : 2 Volume Set

This is a Spanish translation of the famous text Riyâdh as-Saliheen (or The Gardens of the Righteous) compiled by Imam an-Nawawi, a great Islamic scholar, in the 13th century (CE). It is a book of hadiths, records of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him).
The hadiths are organized by topic into chapters dealing with a variety of subjects such as the etiquettes of eating, dress, greeting, travelling, visiting the sick and so on; as well as the virtues of supplications, showing gratitude, remembrance of Allah, seeking knowledge, and performing acts of worship; in addition to warning against what is prohibited in Islam and other matters. Many of the chapters start with verses of the Qur'an relating to that particular topic.
This book is sold as a two-volume set.
Este libro reune algunas aleyas Coranicas y dichos Profeticos autenticos con el objective de brindarles ayuda a aquellos que transitan el camino hacia el Paraiso, para que se purifiquen interna y externamente. En esta obra puede encontrarse una guia practica xobre las diferentes normas de conducta tales como el ascetismo, la purification del character y del Corazon. Ademas, el autor desarrolla otros temas muy interesantes para quienes buscan la verdad

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