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How Do I Turn To ALLAH?
How Do I Turn To ALLAH?

SKU:9782987456261 Pages:61 Size cm: A5 Binding: P/B Weight: 100.0000 mg Author: Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Yaqub Publisher: Al-Firdous


Product Description

How Do I Turn To ALLAH


ALLAH عزّوجل is the Most Merciful and All Forgiving, there is always an opportunity to change your life and turn to ALLAH in repentance and hope and ALLAH will always be willing to forgive you when you do. ALLAH عزّوجل says, "And never give up hope of ALLAH's mercy: truly no one despairs of ALLAH's mercy except those who do not believe." Surah Yusuf: 87

In this Islamic book, Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Yaqub explains how you can turn your life around and turn to ALLAH.

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