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Imam Shahid Hasan Al-Banna
Imam Shahid Hasan Al-Banna

SKU:9790953758233 Pages:81 Year of Publication:2002 Size cm: 12x15 Binding: soft cover Weight: 100.0000 mg Author: S.M Hasan al-Banna Publisher: Awakening publications Shelf Location:06B


Product Description

Imam Shahid Hasan Al-Banna


Imam Shahid Hasan Al-Banna born in Egypt (1906- 1949), The founder of Al Ikwan Al Muslimin (The Muslim Brotherhood) the largest Islamic Movement of our time. He studied Hadith and Shafi' fiqh under his Father Shaykh Abdur Rahaman Al-Banna, which he was considered one of the top Hadith scholar of his time, Shaykh Abdurhaman Al-Banna re-arranged the Musnad of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal thus made it much easier for the students of knowledge to search for hadith.Imam Al Banna is considered by many Muslim scholars worldwide as the Mujaddid of his time (A revival of Islam in the 20th century).He was assassinated in 1949

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