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Investment in Islam
Investment in Islam

SKU:9789775059727 Pages:262 Year of Publication:2012 Size cm: 18x25 Binding: Softcover Weight: 370.0000 mg Author: Dr. Ashraf Muhammad Dawabah Publisher: Dar Al Salam


Product Description

Investment in Islam

SL: 06

Investment in Islam is a form of worship through which Muslim investors draws closer to Allah the almighty and majestic, by developing life on earth.

It springs from the concept that humans are successors on earth through the relation between them and the universe, and their owners, Allah the lord of all creation.

Investment in Islam has an economic and social responsibility as it leads to support the relation between Allah and the human through satisfying the material and soul needs for building and forming the righteous man in order to achieve economic welfare and social security for individual and community in both life and after life.

It embodies the balance between material and the soul, and is a manifestation of Islam's interest in the individual and his community. It coincides with the goal of Islam to ensure that each individual has sufficient means of livelihood, provide humans with the means to fulfil their spiritual and material needs, and build righteous individuals who are considered the basis of investment.

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