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Jasmin Concentrated Perfume-Attar (6ml Roll-on)
Jasmin Concentrated Perfume-Attar (6ml Roll-on)

SKU:6281110004094 Important Note:Ships Only in UK Size cm: 10x4 Weight: 50.0000 mg Publisher: Al-Rehab Perfumes


Product Description

Jasmin Concentrated Perfume-Attar (6ml Roll-on)

SL: 000000
This item is ONLY available for UK residence.

"Jasmin has a sharp heady floral with naturally pleasant sweet and slight musk notes, loved by women." Al-Rehab is one of Saudi Arabia's leading perfume manufacturers which creates fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes. The perfumes are made of precious natural essences (Oud, Rose of Taif, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood and rare spices). Al-Rehab produces liquid perfumes, perfume oils (or attars, which is a traditional name of Arabian perfumes), solid perfumes and fragrances. You can choose a fragrance concentration you prefer: all perfume oils and solid perfumes are alcohol free.

Special note: Get 20% discount when you buy a box of 6.

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