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LAILAT Al SHAIKH (Laylat Al Sheik) 100 ml
LAILAT Al SHAIKH (Laylat Al Sheik) 100 ml

SKU:9782987467519 Size cm: gift box Weight: 475.0000 mg


Product Description

LAILAT Al SHAIKH (Laylat Al Sheik) 100 ml

Type: Perfume

Aroma: Male

Volume: 100 ml.


An exciting spicy, floral, citrus, very resistant men's fragrance. Juicy, bitter grapefruit, noble sour lime, sweet, fresh bergamot, fresh flavor of pink pepper, cardamom and cumin cold constitute the initial composition of flavor. Under heat of the skin gradually reveals the average floral notes. Here, as in traditional oriental fragrance for men, floral notes are presented in their sweet-wood design - cool white jasmine, rose buttery burgundy evening, smoky, pungent notes of patchouli. Resinous woody notes of cedar and sandalwood create an exciting warm heart of the fragrance, the notes of musk bring sensuality to the overall composition.

The aroma is very stable, loop, as the evening accentuate the elegance and style of the owner, not the gift of the Arabic name sounds like "King of the Night." In the daytime, complements the image of successful and purposeful man.

Top notes: citrus notes, light spices

Middle notes: jasmine, rose, musk, patchouli

Base notes of cedar, sandalwood, musk

Note:  These are halal perfumes with (Alcohol Denat) in them. These perfumes have all been imported from the Far East and have a great smell as well as great looks, thus making them perfect presents.

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