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Let Us Be Muslims
Let Us Be Muslims

SKU:9782987467014 Pages:311 Year of Publication:1989 Size cm: 22x15 Binding: soft cover Weight: 375.0000 mg Author: Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi Publisher: islamic foundation


Product Description

Let Us Be Muslims

SL: 03EL1

This is a book of admoni-tion and exhortation, of advice and counsel. Its purpose is toinspire people to obey God, to refrain from disobeying Him,and to be sincere to Him. This being my purpose, would the Muftis have advised meto convince the Muslims that the Prayer, Fasting, Hajj,Zakah were all an unnecessary appendage, and that theycould remain Muslims without them? My position on the relationship between faith and deedsand the conditions for the excommunication of Muslims hasbeen fully explained in other articles that I have written onthis very subject.

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