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Picture in the House
Pictures In The House

SKU:9782987459668 Pages:32 Year of Publication:2006 Size cm: 15X21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 60.0000 mg Author: Alee Hasan Alee Abdul-Majeed Publisher: Message Of Islam


Product Description

Picture in the House

SL: 03DL2

This booklet comes as a piece of advise and as a warning - it is a collection of ahadeeth and fatawa from different scholars on the issue of pictures. Every Muslim should know that it is dangerous to have pictures in the house and in the office and or any place of gathering. The angels of mercy will not visit such places where pictures are hung or decorated. Gradually these pictures lead to idolatry. It also disturbs the concentration in prayer.

The picture maker is cursed and he will be punished on the day of resurrection for not giving life to those pictures of living creatures. Making a living from this kind of work is prohibited in Islam

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