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Preparing for the Day of Judgement
Preparing for the Day of Judgement

SKU:9780954329433 Pages:66 Year of Publication:2007 Size cm: 15x22 Binding: soft cover Weight: 125.0000 mg Author: Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani Publisher: Awakening Publications (UK, USA)


Product Description

Preparing for the Day of Judgement


This book is a compilation of some of the wise sayings of the prophet (s), of the companions, and of the pious predecessors and ascetics. Reflecting on these wise sayings and heeding these counsels will assist in infusing us with the requisite awareness and fervour to prepare for the Day of Judgement. Verily, we are all in need of such counsel, for our Day of Judgment begins not when the world ends, but when our life comes to an end - which is indeed imminent - as the Prophet stated.The author has divided the book in a rare and unique format. All the sayings are in fact practical advice of preparing for the Hereafter. It is full of wisdom and gems and an absolute must every Islamic household.
Every chapter commences with the Blessed Hadith of the Prophet (SAW), then the statement of the Khulafa e Rashiden, Sahabah, Tabien and other earlier Well known Muslim Personalities (Salaf as Saleheen, or Saints)

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