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Rulings of Witr Prayer



Rulings of Witr Prayer

SKU:9781901239126 Pages:72 Size cm: 15X21 cM Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 125.0000 mg Author: Dr. Muhammda Shabbir Usmani Publisher: Darussalam Shelf Location:28A


Product Description

Rulings of Witr Prayer


Rulings Of Witr Prayer By Dr. Muhammad Shabbir Usmani Discusses the status of the Witr prayer, its prescribed offering time, ways of offering it, number of Rak'ahs, supplications made during and after the Witr prayer and many other relevant issues. Chapter Index Include... Virtues of Witr prayer Witr prayer is always a stressed Sunnah but not obligatory Time for Witr prayer To encourage for offering Witr before going to sleep The command of offering Wite before morning (the daybreak) Offering Witr after Adhan The numbers of Rak'ahs for Witr prayer Offering only one Rak'ah for Witr and its nature Offering Witr with three Rak'ahs and their nature To observe five rak'ahs of Witr and their nature

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