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Secure Side Bag & Neck Bag
Secure Side Bag & Neck Bag

SKU:9782987467977 Size cm: 17cm x 20cm x 1cm Weight: 150.0000 mg Author: Hajj Safe


Product Description

Secure Side Bag & Neck Bag


This is the New Secure Hajj and Umrah Side Bag & Neck Bag designed especially for women and men who are travelling for Hajj or Umrah. This secure Side bag and Neck bag has 3 zipped pockets for you to carry all of your most important items safely while you perform one of the most life changing experiences of Hajj or Umrah. Hajj and Umrah Bag is Suitable For Women and Men. This Side Bag & Neck Bag is big enough to carry your mobile phone, money, pocket dua book, earphones and more.
The Side Bag and Neck Bag Has Many Security Benefits including:
1. Secure Mobile Phone Pocket
2. Secure Money Zipped Pocket
3. Secure Passport Pocket
4. Strong Water Resistant Material (Nylon)
5. Adjustable Secure Neck Strap
6. Adjustable Secure Chest Strap
7. Removable Chest Strap
8. Breathable Mesh
9. This Bag can hold a lot more than the Secure Neck Bag, this one can even hold an I-pad or any 7" Tablet

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