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Strategies of Prophet Muhammad
Strategies of Prophet Muhammad

SKU:9786035002462 Pages:556 Year of Publication:2013 Size cm: 15x22 Binding: Hard Cover Weight: 740.0000 mg Author: Omar Khayyam Sheikh Publisher: Darussalam


Product Description

Strategies of Prophet Muhammad


Muhammad's (Peace Be Upon Him) life is a rewarding subject for any sophisticated, intelligent and curious mind because of the impact he has had on world history. Not only did he change the world-view of a society, he practically moulded a nation out of a disparate group of warring tribes such that today, after 1400 years, more than 1.6 billion Muslims now live all over the world and try to follow in his foot-steps in their daily routines. Many demographers calculate that Islam will become's the world's largest religion by 2050. This amazing growth trajectory owes a great deal to the strategies pursued by him.

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