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Surah An-Naas word-to-word flashcards
Surah An-Naas word-to-word flashcards

SKU:9781911327004 Year of Publication:2016 Size cm: 9x13 Binding: flash cards Weight: 150.0000 mg Author: I Love Quran Publisher: I Love Quran


Product Description

Surah An-Naas word-to-word flashcards

Surah An-Naas word-to-word flashcards are carefully designed to embed a strong understanding of the Quran, leading to a deep relationship with The Creator - all through fun and simple games.
Learning objectives include:
✅ Enhancement of reading fluency
✅ Facilitation and assessment of memorisation
✅ Understanding of the Arabic vocabulary
✅ Learning of basic grammar
✅ Recognition of Arabic numerals
The frequency of the Arabic words and their root words have also been added for progressive learning. The unique features of illustrations combined with body motions make it great fun for visual and kinaesthetic learners too!
This resource is perfect for children and adults alike. It can easily be used by beginners, who have staggered recitation as well as advanced learners.
So if you want you and your family to develop the love for recitation and memorisation of the Quran, then look no further! With this tool to hand, just sit back and enjoy the miracle of the Quran unveil, see the blessings within a focused Salah, and see yourself inclining towards implementation of the the Holy Quran! InshaAllah.

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