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Tajweed Quran Arabic Only (Persian/Urdu script)
Tajweed Quran Arabic Only (Persian/Urdu script)

SKU:9782987466444 Pages:616 Size cm: 19x25 Binding: hard cover Weight: 1250.0000 mg Author: Qudrat Ullah Co. Publisher: Qudrat Ullah Co. Shelf Location:21B


Product Description

Tajweed Quran Arabic Only 135 (Persian/Urdu script)


A Colour Coded Quran with Colour Coded Manzils in an Arabic script that is easy to read for the non-Arabic speaking person as well. Seven different-color shades have been used: each color representing a different tajwid rule. Letters are coloured according to the corresponding tajweed rule. The actual rules of tajwid in English are included in the back of the Quran. This edition of the Qur'an can help those who desire to recite the Qur'an correctly with the proper pronunciations and intonations.

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