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Talha Ibn Ubaidullah "The Ten Promised Paradise"
Talha Ibn Ubaidullah "The Ten Promised Paradise"

SKU:9780993390401 Pages:36 Year of Publication:2016 Size cm: 20x26 Binding: soft cover Weight: 175.0000 mg Author: Khadija L. Publisher: Adabi


Product Description

Talha Ibn Ubaidullah "The Ten Promised Paradise"

Talha was a very noble and wealthy man from Makkah. When he was a teenager, he used to trade in different parts of Arabia with his own caravan. He was very independent, hard-working and was really good in business. One day, while he was trading in North Arabia, he heard a monk calling out to people.“Who is from Makkah, who is from Makkah? So, Talha went to see this monk, who told him I’ve heard that it is time for a prophet called Ahmed to appear in Makkah. Has this Prophet come. Talha was very surprised and puzzled. A prophet from his own city, Makkah, who would say the Truth about their Creator! That would be awesome. This book will help your child to find out and learn about the life and amazing personality of Talha Ibn Ubaidullah, one of the greatest Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We have so much to learn from the Companions’ lives This book is the first of a series dedicated to “The Ten Promised Paradise. The beautiful illustrations accompanying the text will be a source of reflection and discussion with your child about various topics like determination, trials, generosity, fairness, dedication…

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