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The Choice of Every Woman
The Choice Of Every Woman

SKU:9789960899152 Pages:160 Year of Publication:2004 Size cm: 15x21 Cm Binding: Hard Back Weight: 300.0000 mg Author: As-Sayyid bin Ahmad Abu Saif Publisher: Darussalam Shelf Location:27B


Product Description

The Choice of Every Woman


Just as men have duties that are not binding upon women... such as praying in congregation, providing for one's family, fighting in the way of ALLAH, etc.; women have duties that are not binding upon men.... such as wearing Hijab, raising children while the men are gone out to work, etc. This involves nothing more than a distribution of duties.

The choice is with every woman: Will she follow the ideas and morals that are formulated by human beings, whose minds are inherently deficient, or will she follow what her Lord has commanded her to do?

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