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The Essentials of Islamic Marriage
The Essentials of Islamic Marriage

SKU:9781870582322 Pages:98 Size cm: 15x21 Cm Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 150.0000 mg Author: Muhammed Rifat Uthman Publisher: Dar Al Taqwa


Product Description

The Essentials of Islamic Marriage


Marriage is the joining together of men and women in couples which enables them to perpetuate the human race in a perfect way. Marriage protects the couple from falling into vice and takes edge of sexual appetite. Marriage refreshes the soul and brings the couple mutual intimacy by way of companionship. This leads to the heart being at ease and its being reinvigorated for the worship of the Creator. Marriage completes half the religion of a man and woman.

This book explains all the essentials of a perfect happy marriage including the marriage proposal, when the proposal is made, and unlawful proposal and how to choose your perfect partner. It then goes on to explain the fundamentals of marriage the rights the couple owe one another.

The author, Sheikh Muhammed Rif'at 'Uthman is the author of several authoritative books. He is also well known thought the Muslim world as a lecturer specializing in Sharia law.

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