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The Foremost Obligatory Duties
The Foremost Obligatory Duties

SKU:9782987458302 Pages:48 Year of Publication:2000 Size cm: 15x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 90.0000 mg Author: Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Publisher: Vision Publishing


Product Description

The Foremost Obligatory Duties


One of the most influential Islamic scholars of the modern era, Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab At-Tamimi is credited with revitalizing the beliefs and practices of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh ) and the way of as-Salaf as-Salih.

This book introduces to the English language a highly popular distillation of his teachings on the fundamental duties of Muslims with respect to their faith. A short and direct guide, it identifies the meanings and categories of Tawheed (Islaamic monotheism), shirk (idolatry) and taghut (false objects of worship). It also elaborates on the meaning of the shahadah (testimony of faith), its conditions and implementation, and the causes of its nullification. An indispensable resource for Muslims and students of knowledge.

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