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The Freedom of Opinion In Islam
The Freedom Of Opinion In Islam

SKU:9789960850863 Pages:102 Year of Publication:2007 Size cm: 15X22 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 135.0000 mg Author: Abdus-Salam al-Basuni Publisher: IIPH Shelf Location:03B


Product Description

The Freedom of Opinion In Islam


In this short but important treatise, Sheikh Abdus-Salam al-Basuni weighs in on the ongoing global discourse about freedom of expression. He reviews the history of freedom of opinion in the West and compares that with how Islam approaches the issue. He examines the arguments in favour of unrestricted freedom of expression in light of some actual consequences.

Sheikh Abdus-Salam al-Basuni demonstrates that the freedom to express one's opinion is a fundamental right that is respected and protected by Islamic law. He argues that this right is embedded in the laws and principles of Islam, and shows how crucial limitations placed upon freedom of opinion work to protect the rights of individuals, their privacy and their honour, as well as to preserve the sanctity of human life and the security of human societies.

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