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The Merits of Islam
The Merits of Islam

SKU:9789960732053 Pages:48 Year of Publication:2013 Size cm: 14x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 75.0000 mg Author: Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Ibn Nasir bin As-Saadi Publisher: Darussalam International Publications Ltd Shelf Location:33B


Product Description

The Merits of Islam


Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Ibn Nasir bin As-Saadi Translated by Sidheeque M.A Veliankode

Islam is the religion that ALLAH has chosen for mankind to follow. It is the religion that was preached by all of ALLAH’s chosen prophets and messengers throughout the ages. It is a religion that appeals to both the soul and the intellect. In this book, “The Merits of Islam” Shaikh ‘Abdur-Rahman As-Sa’adi calls upon the reader to use the latter of these two to reflect upon the benefits and virtues of Islam. In this way one will be able to see clearly the superiority of Islam over other systems and true blessing that is contained in Islam for all mankind.

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