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Tooty Musk Air Freshener
Tooty Musk Air Freshener

SKU:9782987467137 Important Note:Ships Only in UK Size cm: 300 Ml Bottle Weight: 250.0000 mg


Product Description

Tooty Musk Air Freshener

SL: 000000

Tooty Musk aerosol air freshener is free from alcohol, safe to use and has multiple uses! This Al Rehab Tooty Musk aerosol Room and Air Freshener can by Al Rehab is intended for room & air freshening use only. Famous Al Rehab fragrances are used in these products. It helps in soothing and relaxing the mood. Comes in a aerosol can. This genuine Al Rehab product is high quality and longer lasting. Al Rehab Tooty Musk air freshener is formulated with a secret blend of essential oils and anti-bacterial ingredients. Developed to effectively overcome unpleasant odours and make the ambiance fragrant.

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