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Travel Supplication Adapter
Travel Supplication Adapter

SKU:9782987466802 Size cm: 15x5 Weight: 75.0000 mg Publisher: Darussalam


Product Description

Travel Supplication Adapter


Just plug in the Travel Supplication Adapter into your vehicle cigarette lighter socket and hear the invocations for traveling each time you start your car. There are 2 types of supplications you can choose to listen by changing a switch. Each setting reads about 2-3 minutes of Dua' in Arabic from the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
It makes a great reminder to read the Dua's and keep yourself under the protection of Allah. After repeatedly listening you will Insha-Allah be able to memorize them and read them even when you sit in another car. In addition it randomly reads Allahu Akbar, Alhamdulillah or Subhanallah during the journey to remind you to remember Allah.
You also have the ability to increase or decrease the volume according to the noise in your vehicle.

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