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We Will Meet Again In Jannah
We Will Meet Again In Jannah

SKU:9781842001325 Pages:36 Year of Publication:2013 Size cm: 20x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 110.0000 mg Author: Zamir Hussain Publisher: Taha Publishers


Product Description

We Will Meet Again In Jannah


This book helps children make sense of their experience following the death of a sibling, and offers a way of honouring their memory and celebrating their life. It helps the child to understand more about their thoughts and feelings by answering some of the questions they may have, and affords a springboard for discussion and discovery which will aid parents in understanding aspects of their child’s world, their behaviour and needs.

As children work through the book they will learn about themselves, about life and the Islamic perspective of death. In turn, this will insha-Allah, help them to grow and strengthen from their experience.

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