A commentary on a Ḥadīth covering broad topics on the Islāmic Creed

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Shaykh Abdur Razzaq
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Maktabatulirshad Publications
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Also, it is reported in al-Musnad and others from the Ḥadīth of Abū Hurayrah (May Allāh be pleased with him) that he said:
“Renew your ʾĪmān. Someone said, ‘O Messenger of Allāh, ‘how do we renew our ʾĪmān?’ He (May Allāh elevate his rank & grant him peace) said, ‘utter more and more the statement of Islāmic monotheism: Laa ilāha illa Allāh (i.e., none has the right to be worshiped, in truth, except Allāh).

Meaning: that consistency with this statement (i.e., Laa ilāha illa Allāh) renews ʾĪmān in the heart, fills it with light and increases it in certainty and sincerity.

This station requires the servant to be consistent and fight against the soul continuously. The ʿAqīdah is not a text you read at school then you stop, or you study it with a scholar in one of the Masājid then you quit.

Rather it is singularly a matter that stays with you throughout your life.

These words amazingly fortify the ʿAqīdah and strengthen it in the heart.

So, it is befitting for the Muslim to memorize these words by heart and be diligent in making it a part of one’s night prayer, as reported by the noble Prophet (May Allāh elevate his rank & grant him peace).

Also, he should not leave off his nights to pass him by, for indeed he will be deprived of this copious good, tremendous favor, and blessed gift.
Imām al-Ājurrī (May Allāh have mercy on him) stated about this remembrance,

“Truly, it is excellent and helpful for the one whom Allāh guided to implement it. So, a person who usually observes night prayer should memorize it. I also urge one to memorize it to implement.

Likewise, every Muslim who doesn’t observe night prayer should memorize it and invoke Allāh, hoping that He grants him success to establish the night prayer.”

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