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A Mothers Love
A Mothers Love

SKU:9780956872302 Pages:27 Year of Publication:2011 Size cm: 30x22 Binding: Hardback Weight: 300.0000 mg Author: Hamdi Farah & Mohamem Qovaizi Publisher: True Teaching


Product Description

A Mother's Love


A Mother's Love By Hamdi Farah and Mohamed Qovaizi

The love of a mother is the most puniest and unconditional love that any human or even animal experience. In islam our mother a very well respect, loved, cherished and honoured.

Mother hood is a beautiful part of a women life, only a mother can understand the love and closeness that she feel towards the child she is carrying in her womb, thus in Islam the one who abandons the ties of the womb is forever doomed until he or she returns to joining that tie. Allah knows best

A Mothers Love is a beautiful story that powerfully captures some of the many characteristics of a mother’s love for her children.

It reads well and is a lovely security blanket to offer children as they drift off to sleep.

By True Teachings

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