The Excellence of Aaishah The Mother of the Believers

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Aboo Waheeda as-Salafee
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The Excellence of Aaishah The Mother of the Believers

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The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves, and his wives are their (believers) mothers (as regards respect and marriage).........' We felt the need to compile the merits of ' Aishah, to make clear to the Muslims her weight in excellence, and to shed light on the life of piety that she led. We seek to emphasize that she will asways remain on a high and lofty degree. Regardless of the claims of the disbelievers, hertics and hypocrites, the true believer in allah and His Messenger(saw) know the futility of senselessness of their arguments. Indeed the true believer loves, honors and defends those whom Allah and His Messenger (saw) loved. this is our creed and stance and it will remain so until Allah inherits the earth and all those herein. So read the virtues of this great woman and her suiperiority over other womaen and indeed many great men too. how wishful that the Muslim woment of today imitate her ! indeed the Muslim society would flourish and be more prosperous if the likes of her are borrn and raised. She is our mother, our mentor, the one chosen for the Prophet (saw) by the Creator.

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