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Adorning Knowledge With Actions
Adorning Knowledge With Actions

SKU:9781898649353 Pages:73 Size cm: 15x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 150.0000 mg Author: Shaykh Husayn Al-Awaayishah Publisher: Al-Hidaayah Shelf Location:07B


Product Description

Adorning Knowledge With Actions


...I felt that I should hurry in bringing forward the hadeeth: 'The two feet of the son of Aadam will not move from near his Lord on the Day of Judgment until he is asked about five (matters): about his life - how he spent it; about his youth - how he took care of it; about his wealth - how he earned it and where he spent it; and about that which he acted upon from the knowledge he acquired,' as an aid towards purification of the souls and preparation of death. The advice being firstly to myself, secondly to the du'aat (inviters to Allah’s path) and thirdly to all my Muslim brothers in every part of the world - hoping that Allaah, the Most High, will cause benefit through that which I have written and that the fruits of that may be reaped, now and in the future. In this treatise I restricted myself to one part of the hadeeth and that is '...and about that which he acted upon from the knowledge he acquired.'

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