Advice and Admonitions

Ark of Knowledge
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Ark Of Knowledge
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Advice and Admonitions is a translation of various statements of wisdom by Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal from sources such as Manaqib al-Imām Ahmad by Imam Ibn al-Jawzi and Tabaqat al-Hanabilah by Imam Ibn Abi Ya'lä.

Some beneficial footnotes have also been included to further aid the reader in understanding Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal's intended meaning at various points.

Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal was the most influential and active scholar of his era. His words of wisdom and attitude towards the world are truly captivating and inspiring.

In this book you will find some of the insights of how Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal practised Islām as described under various topics.

Additionally this book contains a translation of the account of the Mihnah (Inquisition) which Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal underwent, based on Tarikh al-Islām by Imām adh-Dhahabi.

Taking lessons from the words of pious scholars who acted upon their knowledge is one of the best methods for a Muslim who is striving for self-improvement.

Our Du'a is that Allah, the one who turns hearts, changes our hearts towards being conscious of Him in all aspects of daily life after reading this book.

I ask Allah to make this simple endeavour a source of pleasure for us all and a source of success in the Hereafter. Amin.

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