Al Quran Amazing (33 Panduan Al-Quran Untuk Hidup Anda) Edisi 2021

Karya Bestari
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Karya Bestari
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Hard cover 
1264 pages in total.
Approved by Lajnah Tasheh Al-Quran Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) Malaysia
There are 33 things and privileges that can be found in the Amazing Quran.
• Explanation of Laws & Methods of Tajwid.
  • Mu’jam (Quranic dictionary)
  • Verbal translation of each sentence per word with colour coded tajweed.
  • • Khat Resam Uthmani and Translation in Malay

  • Special additions to Al-Quran Amazing are Archaeological Studies and Islamic History, Advice and Teachings, Zikir Al-Mathurat, Daily Worship Tutorials, Umrah and Hajj Practical Tutorials and many more.
  • In addition, there are Tafsir Jalalain, Tafsir At-Tabari, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Riyadus Salihin, Hadith Al-Arbain, Syamail Muhammadiyyah, Hadith Qudsi, Sirah Nabawi, Doa- Doa Asmaul Husna and Asbabun Nuzul
  • Debate on Tafsir Jalalain
  • Thematic Index (by theme classification)
  • Debates and explanations from tafsir muktabar such as Tafsir Jalalain, Tafsir Ibnu Kathir and Tafsir al-Tabari
  • • Guide to Waqf Signs & Reading Marks
  • Al-Quran Amazing Karya Bestari has seven main divisions based on the practical needs of the community for daily practice, namely Ibadah, Muamalah, Akidah, Sirah Nabawi, Kisah Nabi dan Rasul, Asmaul Husna and Quranic Therapy.


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