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Boy vs Girl
Boy vs Girl

SKU:9782987460374 Pages:260 Year of Publication:2011 Size cm: 20x13 Binding: soft cover Weight: 225.0000 mg Author: Na’ima B.Robert Publisher: Frances Lincoln


Product Description

Boy vs Girl

SL: 03AL3

Farhana swallowed and reached for the hijab. But then she saw with absolute clarity the weird looks from the other girls at school, and the smirks from the guys. Did she dare? And then there was Malik... What should she do about him? Faraz was thinking about Skrooz and the lads. Soon he would finally have the respect of the other kids at school. But at what price? He heard Skrooz's voice, sharp as a switchblade: "This thing is powerful, blud. But you have to earn it, see? Just a few more errands for me..." They're twins, born 6 minutes apart. Both are in turmooil and both have life-changing choices to make, against the peaceful backdrop of Ramadan. Do Farhana and Faraz have enough courage to do the right thing? And can they help each other - or will one of them draw the other towards catastrophe? should be understood. The various shari'ah rulings on money, usury and Zakah are depicted as an Islamic Monetary Triangle which helps to ensure the economic and social vitality of a society. Orders for this English language first edition hardback can be placed here.

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