[Bundle of 3 Books] The House of Ibn Kathir by S.N Jalali

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The House Of Ibn Kathir- Year Captain


The second edition in the House of Ibn Kathir series! It's Yusif's second year at the Dar Al Ilm Academy for Boys, and his new role as Year Captain is proving to be a lot harder than he ever anticipated. As trouble brews in the school council, and the Headmaster's 'mystery plans' unfold, the pressures of being a leader mount up. Yusif begins to wonder if he is really cut out for the job. But with the help of Reda, Warsoma, Daud and the other boys from the House of Ibn Kathir, will he be able to step up to the mark?

The House of Ibn Kathir : The Competition Begins...


It’s Yusif’s first time away from home. The Dar Al Ilm Acadamy seemed to be the ideal place for him to pursue his studies, and achieve one of his lifelong ambitions – to memorise the Qur’an – or so his parents had decided... However, within the impressive walls of the old school, Yusif finds himself with more on his hands than he had bargained for. With house competitions, the pressure to become year captain, and some very mysterious goings-on, Dar Al Ilm has more in store for him than he had ever imagined

An Andalus Adventure (25012)

It's 711 CE, 92 years after the Hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Responding to a plea from Count Julian, governor of Ceuta, Umayyad General Tariq ibn Ziyad, under order of Caliph Al-Walid in Damascus,enters the turbulent Visigoth Kingdom of Iberia.

Leaving his sleepy village of Tlemcen, a young Berber, Qasim, joins Tariq's men, and is swept away on an amazing quest. Jacob, captured in Julian's raid on Iberia, is tied up and thrust upon a galley boat bound for North Africa. Siblings Ben and Bella live under constant Visigoth scrutiny, forced to live a double life of secrets and deception.

Lives will converge on both sides as a wind of change blows hard across Iberia. The course of history is about to change...

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